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3 Times You have Our Go-Ahead To Take A Break From Work

Been working 10 hours everyday at the office lately? There is acute unemployment in Nigeria, we know, but a 70-hour work week?  Being stressed at work can be a major cause of health problems, not to mention strained relationships and depression—even if you love your job.

Check out these reasons to take a break from work, and we totally give you our go-ahead.


Working for hours non-stop

When you work on a task for too long, you will become tired, no matter what will-power tells you. So, take a break, even for a moment, you may be even more behind with work piled up waiting for you, but your health will thank you.

Moreover, small breaks can help increase your productivity, decrease in fatigue, boost concentration, motivation, and energy in the workplace. No matter the duration, a time-out helps you press the reset button and be better prepared to move forward.


A hostile work environment

Rather than allowing arguments explode with anger, it’s better to take a breather. This basically means removing yourself from a deadlocked situation so you have time to cool off and gain clearer perspective. It’s a healthy way to manage your emotions before things get out of control.

So, before you and that colleague start butting heads, press pause on the debate and revisit it later. Spend some time aside to mull it over more, and then have a one-on-one with the other person.


Having trouble solving a problem

When you walk away from a problem and cease staring at your computer screen helplessly, the solution will magically appear. In other words, even a short interruption from what you’re doing helps wake up your creativity and generate new ideas. It allows you to replace the stale thoughts you’ve been trying to escape with fresh (and better) ones.

So, it’s time you tried a different environment and stop forcing yourself to think about problems when your mind would rather wander away.


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