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3 Ways To Brighten Your Work Dress Sense

Well, ladies (and some gents), if you’re itching to brighten your work dress sense and are feeling a little blah in the wardrobe department, don’t worry your head.

We’ve put together some solutions for brightening up your look to the office without stress.


1. Wear outfits that pop

If you don’t have a bright piece of shirt , dress or tie already, invest in one. It doesn’t have to be annoyingly bright—just get some outfits that are not bleh! If for instance, you’re into screaming pink outfits, by all means, go for them. But bright can also mean a super-saturated jewel tone or accessory.


2. Make your jewelry bright

For ladies, you can use bright earrings and neck pieces that are super feminine and traditional in style to juxtapose with the modern office dress style. Using bright ones can be really unexpected and fun.

Also make sure to buy a necklace that lays flat, as opposed to something rounder with beads or pearls—this will make it easier to ensure you don’t look like you are going for some owambe party.


3. Prep your face

Rushing to beat the Lagos morning traffic? This is can be easy and less time consuming if done right.  Try some fuchsia lipstick, which is really flattering on most skin tones. Or, if you’re feeling extra bold, go with a neutral lip and try a bright eye shadow or eyeliner.

Just beware – you don’t have to look like you walked off the runway, but certainly not like you walked out of the 80s.


If you’re not feeling brave, just incorporate one white or cream piece into your outfit for a little pop. Otherwise, walk in and brighten up that office!


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