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4 Documents Every Woman Must Have

In Nigeria, there’s been many cases of families losing all they’ve worked for over the years because the bread winner probably passed away or is unavailable. As a woman, putting in place documents will ensure you or your family doesn’t fall apart when there’s an emergency.

Here are 4 key documents that you should put in place — having them handy is bound to help you sleep better at night.


1. A Career Plan

It may not have occurred  to you, but your career plan can make the biggest impact on your work life, and monetary goals. So, it is essential that it is very simple and very detailed. It should include a list of your skills, interests, and abilities, needed trainings, and experience needed in achieving your career goals.


2. Will

Contrary to popular belief in Nigeria, a Will isn’t just for old, rich folks with children feuding over a hefty inheritance. Regardless of your income, having a Will in place will greatly benefit you and your loved ones. When you write your Will, you choose who will inherit your assets — from your savings account to your designer handbag collection, and you’ll designate a personal representative to oversee the distribution of your property.


3. Family legal documents

Keep the paperwork associated with life’s biggest transitions, such as copies of birth certificates/adoption papers, marriage certificates, divorce papers, passport, vehicle registration, and mortgage or real estate deeds of trust if applicable.

Having these important documents in place would ensure you family is not thrown in a state of confusion when there’s an emergency and you’re unavailable.


4. A savings plan

You need a savings and investment plan that provides income for when you retire or need to invest in a project. When do you plan to retire? How much money will you need for a project? Where will that money come from? All of these questions should be answered in your savings plan.

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