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5 Helpful Tips For Launching A Tech Startup

It’s the norm for aspiring entrepreneurs these days to want to build a tech-based business, be it a mobile app, a cloud-based service or a social sharing platform. It’s the world we live in – more and more of us are tech-savvy.

Here are tips to get that tech startup rolling.


Build a product

It sounds obvious. When starting a tech company, focus on building the product. Product is 30 percent of the total work required long term, but often other priorities take early focus away from a product.

Once the product is solid, companies can shift their focus to the other 70 percent, which is sales, marketing, service and support.


Bootstrap your startup

Too many people make too much about raising initial funds to build their startups. But bootstrapping is easier than you think.

A great way to get started is to build your product as a side project, while you’re in a job and still earning. When you’re starting small, you can really focus on the best basic ways to solve the problem for a customer. Again, once you have validation of your idea, you can gradually invest in your product’s future iterations.


Outsource in the beginning

Running a startup of any kind, not just a tech startup, is all about phases. In the beginning it’s hard to curate and manage your technology architecture in-house. Try outsourcing this piece of the puzzle while you’re getting your feet on the ground.

Not only can this be cost effective in the early stages of growth, but it also allows you to invest your time in building connections, as opposed to hopelessly flipping through a Tech for Dummies guide.


Know a bit of coding

It’s really tough when you don’t understand any coding. Although that’s not imperative, it definitely helps to understand the concepts yourself when you’re discussing the product with your developers in the initial stages.

If you’re looking to build a mobile app, let’s say an iOS app, you can run through an online course on  that teaches the fundamentals of building an iOS app. Similarly, if you’re looking to build a website, you can learn those fundamentals, based on the programming language of choice.


Don’t box yourself in

The capabilities of technology are endless, but if you’re someone without a solid background in the field, it can be hard to gauge exactly how it will continue to evolve. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the technology you’re working with now is only capable of serving a single group.

Innovations and enhancements pop up every day, so your initial business model could grow far larger than you ever imagined. Never put yourself in a small box that you can’t get out of and always look for ways to increase efficiency, enhance the user experience and bring new and added value to your customers.


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