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5 Personality Traits Of Outstanding Bosses

How do you know if you’re a great boss? Team members who love you may be a good sign—but not if they love you because you’re way too lenient.

In Nigeria, for example, great results like increased profit or quick project turnaround, might indicate a great boss—but not if you’re getting great results at the expense of a healthy work culture or happy team members.

Here are the 5 personality traits of outstanding bosses.


1. Positive thinking

Great bosses understand the power of psychology- subtle positive changes in the workplace. They don’t get rattled, even when everything is going haywire. To them, every mistake, failure and situation is a  learning curve.


2. Delegation

Every fantastic leader understands that he/she can not afford to juggle everything. Great bosses know when to leave the employees to tasks and resist the temptation to micromanage. They know each employee’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes, and they use these insights to draw the very best from each individual.


3. Team alignment

Fantastic bosses act more like mentors – they show the way things should be done.  They recognize what’s unique about each member of their team and keep the team focused on the overall goal while keeping their eyes on the ultimate prize.


4. Honesty

Great bosses may not openly address employees mistakes, but they are never afraid to be honest with their employees even if the truth hurts. This will encourage employees to really grow and get better at their jobs.  They also do not hoard information to boost their own power, they share information and knowledge generously.


5. Gratitude

They boost confidence by giving credit for work done. By showing appreciation for every little thing done and inspiring employees, employees become as passionate as their bosses about the organisation.


Which of these traits can you readily identify with? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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