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5 Questions Successful People Ask Themselves

According to Merriam-Webster’s definition of “success,” anyone who’s rich, respected, or famous is successful.

Most people will read that and readily agree while others will think it’s way deeper. Neither group is right or wrong; the truth is that success means different things to different people

But here are the kind of questions truly successful people ask themselves.


What does success mean to me?

For most people, the initial reaction to this question is “money”,  “position” or “fame”.  Real successful people know that doing what you love, at your own pace can lead to more money,  a better position, and even fame.


Is this what I really want to be doing in 10 years?

Successful people always add passion and desire to connect to bigger successes. They don’t settle for what is below par and are never okay with the status quo. They are concerned about giving something extra and have an unquenchable passion to excel.


Can I accomplish this?

They want to be able to determine their success with the diligence and determination it requires. They are not just eager but they have a calm feeling of assurance that within there is the knowledge and strength to see them through it.


What are my strengths?

They know their flaws and their weaknesses, and so know where and how to channel their energy. They focus on their greatest strengths because they know what competitive advantage they have over every other person in the race for success.


Does the venture align with my values?

If the journey to a successful venture doesn’t align with their character and reputation, it is not worth it. They want to have a satisfactory feeling of accomplishment rather than a self destructive one of misery.


What do I need to drop?

Like everyone else, successful people have the awareness that they are not good enough. They understand that destructive habits can be a hindrance to achieving the success.


What does success mean to you? Tell us in the comments!

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