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5 Simple Exercises For A Happier Life

For many, they feel they can only achieve happiness when they finally hit a jackpot and make lots of money. But you don’t have to wait for something big to happen to stay happy. There are actions you can take daily to create a life of happiness and postivity.

Here are a few of them:


1. Exercise regularly

In our  modern life, where most of us have to sit in offices all day, we move our bodies less and less, and this can have huge consequences on our physical and mental well-being.

For at least 10 minutes a day, engage in some form of recreational exercise. Run, walk, bike, swim, or whatever activity you enjoy most. With exercises, you train your body to reduce the likelihood of falling into negative thinking and, instead, preserve your happy factor.


2. Keep a journal

Journaling is a powerful way to process events in your life, build self-awareness, get more clarity, and keep yourself on track. Some people like using paper journals, others use apps. How much and how often to write is up to you.

What should you write about? You could go for random creative ideas that come to you, things you are grateful for, your goals and aspirations or anything else. Start a journal, even if only a few lines per day.


3. Schedule time for something you truly love

Create happy hours where you put “me” first. Whatever it is that makes you happy – indulging in a novel, getting lunch with a friend, trying a new workout or exploring a town/city you’ve never visited. When you take time for yourself, you’re taking time to recharge.

Even if you feel too busy, you’ll likely end up being more productive once you’ve taken the time to decompress.


4. Spend less TV time

In case you didn’t know, the habit of watching too much TV destroys your health, , and shortens your life. It can also in you – making you want to buy buy buy, and chase fame and artificial beauty as if they were essential elements of happiness.

When you turn off your television, you free up time to invest in becoming a better, smarter, and more competent person. Also, when it’s turned off for the sake of family time, you will find yourself talking, sharing, communicating, and laughing more often. Your television can be an excellent servant, but it’s a terrible master. The choice is yours.


5. Give

Giving to others promotes your own happiness, especially when connected to a cause you care about. Helping others, spending money on others and serving, releases “happiness chemicals” such as dopamine and oxytocin – referred to as the “compassion hormone”.

This presupposes that you are giving or serving out of a caring heart, and not due to obligation or social pressure, and that you are doing it in a way that is balanced with your own personal needs.

Now, it’s time to create that happy life you’ve always dreamt of!


Which of these would you be putting into action today?

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