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5 Simple Tricks For Reclaiming Your Weekend To Yourself

Chances are, you’ve found yourself working on a Saturday or Sunday, when you should be unplugging. Most people, especially Nigerians would admit that this frustrating scenario is their reality.

The truth is, we all deserve a little time to relax and recharge. But, reclaiming your weekends back from the rigours of a workweek can be a challenge. Use these 5 tips to reclaim it and finally step away from work.


1. Make conscious changes

The first thing to do is adjusting your perception of what ideal weekend should be. Your weekends aren’t supposed to be an extension of the workweek.  If you truly want to reserve this time for relaxation and enjoyment, then your perception needs to change.

Stop viewing these Saturdays and Sundays as days for the work you can’t quite finish during the workweek. It’ll make you that much more productive as you’d be encouraged to put in effort to tie up any loose ends by Friday.


2. Plan

Make adequate preparation by achieving as much as possible during the five work days so you can actually unplug for two days each week. This might mean longer and more productive hours Monday through Friday, but it’s usually worth it to enjoy a stress-free weekend.

Start each week with a To-do list and this master list to keep you focused on the tasks you need to accomplish, and help you reclaim your weekends.


3. Stretch work hours

Wish you could add a little more time to your work week? Well, maybe actually stretching your working hours will help. Try to effectively utilize those small pockets of time you’re used to wasting—like those 20 minutes on your phone or those extra 30 minutes after your 1 hour lunch break—can free up your weekends.

By doing this, you’d become more productive—meaning you’re less tempted to take work home during the weekend.


4. Adjust expectations

Chances are your boss, colleagues, friends, and family have gotten used to you working during the weekend.  Reclaiming your weekend would mean adjusting the expectations of the people you work with. Be sure they understand that you’re going to do your best to stay away from work each weekend.

Eventually, people will get used to the fact that they shouldn’t reach out to you on your days off, and you’ll be able to relax without your inbox constantly filling up (hopefully).


5. Accept there’d always be unfinished business

Take a minute to let it sink in: There would always be unfinished work and you’ve got accept that. If you’re seriously aiming to reserve your weekends for yourself, you’re going to need to be comfortable with recognizing what’s unfinished and—unless it’s incredibly urgent—leaving it on your desk for Monday.

You may be used to working during the weekend. But, you deserve some time to rest. Use these 5 tips, and you’re sure to reclaim your weekend!


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