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5 Things You Can Do This Weekend (Instead Of Sleeping)

It’s weekend again! And being the busy professional that you are, it’s an opportunity to unwind. What would you be doing?

As it’s the usual, many people choose to just relax at home and catch on all the sleep they’ve lost. Some others plan trips with their families.

If you’ll be at home, there are loads of things you can do during this three-day break.

Here are 5 of them. And, PS: They also don’t require a lot of money:


1. Pick a book

You probably have books that have been lying in your shelf for  a while. Now is the time to pick them up and read. If you’ll like something new, then stop buy in bookshops and shop for your best kinds of books.


2. Watch movies

Who doesn’t love a good movies? It’s time to see those movies you’ve been dreaming of seeing because everyone in your office talks about it. You can also check in cinemas for movies that would be showing.


3. Pamper yourself

Clichéd, but really satisfying!

From visiting that spa for to receive a soothing massage to getting pedicures and manicures and going for a treat in that high brow restaurant to try out a cuisine you haven’t tried out before.


4. Give back

Use the three-day weekend to volunteer and feel better about yourself too. Help out at a local NGO or just spend time with orphan kids.

You’re sure to make someone smile.


5. Shop

When last did you have time to carry out a little shopping for yourself? Well, now is the time! Update your wardrobe, go for what’s in vogues and make them go, “wow!” when you resume on Tuesday.

We hope you’ll be doing some of these this weekend.


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