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6 Self-care Rituals You’d Want To Steal

It’s an unfortunate reality, but we all deserve respite from our respective daily grinds. And we also deserve to not feel guilty about it. Often, we put ourselves last on our priority lists—if we even make the cut at all. A myriad of responsibilities that come along with adulthood have taken precedence over self-care.

For inspiration, we’ve put together pampering advice, which you’ll totally want to live by.


Eat healthy

Too often, busy  people get to eat while multitasking, thus denying themselves the experience of nutritious meals. Now, how about treating yourself with some level of respect by eating a nourishing meal without distractions?


Read a book

Reading good books is a great way to feel happy. The plots and twists of a good story keeps you entertained and feeling wonderful.



What they say about exercise and the release of endorphins is true.  Getting your body moving increases feelings of happiness. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit the gym. Rather, any physical activity that works for you, is fine.


Become a child again

What were some of your favorite things when you were little?  Treat your inner child to a little present and allow the warm feelings to wash over you.


Keep track

At the end of each day, make a list (either mental or written) of the productive things you’ve done. No matter how seemingly insignificant, you deserve a pat on the back.



The social media have some benefits, but does it really make you feel better to expose yourself to all that, everyday, all the time? Take the time to break away, and allow yourself to focus on the beauty of the moment.


Time to unplug, folks!

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