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6 Ways To Make Money This Weekend

Let’s face it – Everyone looks out for ways to make more money.

We all could do with some extra cash. Sometimes we need some extra money quickly and at other times we need something more sustainable as a supplement to our existing income.

Want to know some ideas on how to make money?

We’ve searched out some creative, useful and interesting money making ideas you can use on the weekend

Take a look!


1. Freelancing

Graphic design, writing, or just filling out surveys are all freelance jobs which pay enough to make it worthwhile.

Spend a few hours every weekend and it’s a great way to supplement your income.


2. Tutoring

If you have exceptional skills in a particular subject and know how to translate that knowledge to others, tutoring might be the best option as a weekend job.

Just offer your services to those in need by hanging up flyers or asking around, and if you are good at what you do, it can become a stable weekend job.



You probably know of the someone who is constantly complaining about their computer.

If you know about computers offer to sort out any problems, and since it seems to be a regular occurrence, you constantly get paid.


3. Baby sitting

This is one of the oldest ways to make extra cash, and it still remains high in demand.

Take your neighbor’s little monsters off their hands for a few hours at the weekend. If you’re really good with children, you could even bring numerous children over for a play date.


4. Sell your things

If you are ready to clean out your closet, let go of some of the things you cherished for years, or re-sell things that don’t fit you. From clothes, to shoes, to furniture and kitchen wares that are no longer in use. Just look around.

Try selling your stuff online, or ask around you neighbourhood to see if there’ll be people that are interested.


5. Cover an event

Event organizers want their event covered from all possible angles.

If you have your own camera or video camera, offer your services for a modest fee at local events including weddings, funerals, graduation or birthday parties.

You get to enjoy the event for free too, so it cuts down your entertainment costs.

Why not make the most of your weekends and try some of these ways to make money? They’ll be way better than sitting idly at home complaining your lack of cash.


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