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What To Do If The 9 To 5 Life Isn’t Your Thing

Many of us work a 9-5, or, let’s be honest an 8-6 job. We do the commute, bring work home with us, and work through lunch on some occasions.

But some people just don’t want that, and maybe you’re one of them. For you, a 9-5 routine is not a great fit. Maybe you like to work earlier, or later, or on only work  specific days of the week.

If you’re in this category, we’ve got you. Below are alternatives if you’re a night owl, wanderer or a free spirit that can hardly cope with the 9-5 life.


Freelance Web Designer

The demand for beautiful and functional Web pages is high. So if you’ve got the skills, you can set your own schedule, pick your own projects and make the World Wide Web a more awesome place to browse, from the comfort of your couch.


Real Estate Agent

Selling homes is a ’round-the-clock business’. Working with your clients’ schedules, you can choose the best time to show off properties. Your on-the-job hours may fall on nights or weekends, but you’ll never have a set routine.


Social Media Consultant

Helping businesses stay up to speed on the latest social media trends keeps you on the move sharing your expertise vis project-based work. With this role, you’ve got the privilege of setting your own hours and working in your pajamas every once in a while.



Consulting is the granddaddy of flexible career fields. In this role, you swoop in, offer your clients savvy advice and help companies succeed in your area of expertise. Your work will take you from office to office, never staying in one spot or on one specific schedule for too long.


Makeup Artist

Freelance makeup artists can cash in on irregular hours. Whether you’re perfecting a bride’s makeup bright and early on her big day or staying late at a glitzy photoshoot, this career doesn’t abide by the traditional time frames.



If you have a great eye, and are willing to put in the work to really get to know how to operate a camera, being a photographer can be very gratifying. With a lot of events happening on weekends, you’ll most times be having the week to yourself.


Did you find something worth doing? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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