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Balancing Act: How Not To Let Work Affect Your Family Life

We live in a productivity-driven society, where more and more people find it hard to adequately fulfill their roles both at home and at the workplace. More often than not, many professionals are unable to find a point of balance between their careers and their families. There is always one that is given more priority than the other.

In many cases, while one might want to really pay attention and create time for to family, the job just comes in the way, posing as a challenge, that there’s never time for family.

Here are top tricks you can employ to ensure your work doesn’t affect your family life.


Avoid taking on too much

Always weigh up your family’s and whether they’re likely to benefit before agreeing to take on more work. Of course, you’re often keen to make a good impression but it’s better to do your job well, rather than take on loads and collapse under it.

If you’re feeling pressured to do more, talk to someone at your workplace, probably your unit head or line manager. If they know that you are struggling, they would put strategies in place to help you. If you tend to have more work to do, do it all from workplace, so you don’t have to take extra work home and encroach on the time you have to spend with your family.


Prioritise and don’t procrastinate

Decide what needs to be done immediately – don’t waste time on things that aren’t urgent. For everything else, make sure you keep a reminder. Tasks that are to be submitted early should be done first.

Break down jobs into smaller ones so they’re more manageable. You don’t want to add stress and panic, so get straight on to tasks, regardless of how laborious they may be. When you’ve worked out what needs to be done, try to avoid meeting our old friend procrastination.


Find reliable child care

If you’ll be too busy to pay attention to your children, ensure there’s an alternative and they don’t feel abandoned. Leave them in capable hands. Find someone you feel comfortable with.

If you’re having mixed feeling about working or about leaving your child, do not show it–your child, at any age, will pick right up on it. Feel proud when you’ve found someone who fits into your needs. Get involved with your child’s care providers by communicating frequently and observing interactions between  the caregiver and your child.


Make the weekends count

Instead of saving all of your life chores for Sunday, get them out of the way as soon as possible, either by doing them first thing Saturday morning or dispersing them throughout the week. That way, instead of spending your last few hours of free time on Sunday night scrubbing the bathtub, you’ll be able to use to relax with your family

Also ensure you Carve out some time on the weekends—at least a few hours, but ideally a whole day—to stay away from screens. Put your computer and phone away and spend quality time with your family.


Establish limits and boundaries

It is important that to create boundaries or imaginary lines of protection between your work and family. This means determining which actions are acceptable and unacceptable.

Boundaries hold the line to protect your work from the distraction of family, as well as protect your family involvement from the obligations at work. With clear boundaries, it would be easier for you to tell when your action is not in favor of one aspect of your life.

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