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The Biggest Career Mistakes To Avoid

Okay, you’re finally in a career you’ve always dreamt of. You have decided you are going to make your mark and you will have a stellar career. That’s great! In the course of making it to the top, you’re likely to make some mistakes which might actually seem unharmful.

Here are a few of the biggest career mistakes that could actually shatter your dream in the long term if you don’t avoid them:


Job hopping

Switching careers too often leaves a bad impression about you.

Employers usually are seen avoiding such candidates, who are too frequent in changing their job as it portrays that the candidates lack commitment, reliability, sincerity, perseverance, collaboration and team spirit, and also shows they are self centered and money minded, even though that is not true in all cases.


Placing too much importance on salary and benefits

How does a temporary salary cut appeal to you? If you are considering a move, think of the experience rather than the money. In the long term, this will pay handsome dividends as the new job will be a challenge for you to achieve new goals. Aim to widen your skills set, broaden your responsibilities and manage teams.

Think of the job satisfaction that it will give you and also how impressive it will be on your resume. Nobody will notice your salary increases.


Limiting networking to within your company

Some employees cannot be bothered to start networking outside their company. They may be pretty friendly and helpful inside the company, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

A lot of this needs to be done offline because it is the real social contact and human interaction that counts. It will give you a chance to seize an opportunity because you have your ear to the ground.


Avoiding challenges

Taking the easy way out is a short term policy which will not stand you in good stead. It is when you encounter difficulties that you begin to understand how you react to stress.

You also realize what your strengths and weaknesses are and you can avoid any situations which are totally negative and sap your energy. Aim for challenges where you feel that you can grow and use your skills and passions to greater effect.


Allowing your skills become outdated

With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s extremely important to stay on top of your game and not allow your skills to become outdated.

Especially as you grow older, you don’t want to be labeled as someone who can’t keep up. Take classes, read, keep your professional network strong, and do whatever it takes to stay current.


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