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Career-Boosting Activities To Do Over Your Holiday Break

The weekend is here! And as you know, it’s going to be an extended weekend, with 2 extra days! So, let’ s call it it a mini-holiday.

Perhaps you view your holiday break as the perfect time to disconnect from work, relax, and recharge. You take it at face value and treat it like exactly what it is – a real break.

Or maybe you’re one of those people who thinks of all of the free time you’ll have, and instantly starts coming up with a list of those things you’ve been meaning to accomplish, but haven’t yet made the time for.

If you fall into the latter category, then let’s talk. Your holiday break is the perfect time to relax. But if you’re itching to do something productive, these 5 things have you covered.


Update your LinkedIn Profile

Is your LinkedIn profile growing mold? Use your downtime to freshen up your summary, add a more recent photo, update your positions, and optimize your headline.

You’ll be able to head into the new work week with a new profile that’s ready to highlight your most recent skills and accomplishments.


Clean through your inbox and computer files

If you’ve let your emails and your desktop spiral out of control, spend some time cleaning things up.

Delete all unnecessary or extremely old emails and move the important ones into easy-to-reference folder. Then, do the same things with all those computer files that have been cluttering your desktop.

The best part? It’s a pretty mindless activity you can do while relaxing out on a couch.


Learn a new skill

Maybe it’s that online course about email marketing you’ve been meaning to take. Or perhaps it’s that video tutorial on coding you’ve been intending to watch.

Now’s a great time to pick up a new skill, whether it’s directly relevant to your career or not. There’s no better time to try your hand at something new than when you have a bunch of downtime at your disposal.



Is there anything better than curling up in your favorite chair with a good book? Yes! If that book is something that could have a major positive impact on your career.

Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages, and finally crack it open over your break. You’ll likely return to work with a bunch of new ideas and a fresh perspective.


Set goals

You probably just focus going to work during the week, resting on weekends, and repeating the process over and over again. It’s time to pause a little. Have you set your professional resolutions yet? Well, there’s no time like the present.

Reserve some quiet time to sit down and reflect on the big things you want to accomplish. Then, take it a step further by jotting down the action steps need to actually achieve those goals.


Relax and Recharge

All right, this one might seem a little counter-intuitive, bu be rest assured that taking some time to just sit back and recharge really is productive.

It’s been all about work. And we really all deserve a break every now and then. So, don’t feel guilty about giving yourself that time to just disconnect and relax. You’ve earned it!

Want to reserve your break for nothing but pure relaxation? That’s great! It’s what your break was made for.

But if you decide you want to use that time for some career-boosting activities, pick one or even a few of these, and you’ll put your downtime to good use.


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