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How To Deal With Entrepreneurial Burnouts

Entrepreneurship is a rich rewarding experience that leads many business owners to real career satisfaction for the first time in their lives. You get to set your own schedule, make your own rules and become a master of your own destiny. But those perks are not without associated costs.

Entrepreneurship demands sacrifice and commitment, and even if you go into it with an optimistic attitude and a great support system, the daily rigors and stress of business ownership may begin to take their toll on you.

Burnouts are unfortunately, common among entrepreneurs. It’s natural that you’d start feeling exhausted or frustrated with your business after months or years of constant efforts.

These strategies would help you avoid and deal with burnouts:


Outsource what sucks

Chances are the burnout sets in when the day-to-day hassles of entrepreneurship sets in. Accounts payable, recruiting employees, finding office space – these would all stress you out.

Find someone else to handle them so you can focus on why you started your business in the first place. Rediscover the passion that led you to set out on your own.


Set realistic expectations

Burnout is a product of fatigue and/or disappointment. Fatigue tends to happen when working for too long without satisfactory results, and disappointment tends to happen when reality falls short of your hopes. Both are products of setting lofty or unrealistic expectations for yourself.

The solution is to set more conservative expectations for yourself and your business, in terms of your goals, hopes, daily tasks and everything in between.


Establish boundaries

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle choice, much as it is a professional one. For most entrepreneurs, your professional responsibilities will regularly bleed into your personal life, and your emotions and situations will bleed into how you handle yourself at the office.

There’s nothing wrong inherently wrong with this, and some people actually work better in this setup, but if you want to avoid burnout over the long term, you’ll need to establish real boundaries for yourself.


Take time off

This is the most powerful way to avoid burnout, and it’s the one that most entrepreneurs miss. Because you’re so passionate about your work, or so committed to your goals, you get sucked into a culture that forces you to work far too many hours a day and too many days a week.

Take real weekends away from work. Take full vacations. You have no excuse. If you don’t take real breaks, your burnout is inevitable.


Remind yourself why you got started

It’s easy to lose sight of your original motivations when burnout begins to set in, but remembering those reasons can be just what you need to push through the more difficult times you’ll face throughout your journey.

For example, if you became an entrepreneur for the flexible schedule, take a few days to experiment with your hours and experience the luxury of an open schedule. If you became an entrepreneur because you wanted to make your own decisions, make small, yet significant decisions you wouldn’t be able to make elsewhere.


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