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Easy Conversation Prompts To Break The Ice In Awkward Situations

Are you always tongue-tied or naturally shy? Then you need a few tricks up your sleeve to break the ice.

If you’ve always got something on your mind to say, you can avoid uncomfortable silences or if it’s your crush, walking away wishing you really had spoken to him or her.

The trick is to always keep it simple using simple prompts. They are way easy to remember, and there’s no chance of unintentionally offending someone.

Here are a few of them:


Where did your grow up?

This question can open up a whole host of conversation opportunities. From past relationship, to family history, childhood favourites and a lot more.


What’s your dream job?

Discussing career ambitions can reveal a lot about a person, and can show what their passions are. They would also likely reveal what they do currently and their future career plans.


What do you do after work?

Learn about their after work habits, do they like to work-out, do they like to spend time with family or do they like to relax with movies?


Where have you traveled?

See if they are globe trotters, and if you have any common ground to discuss with regards to countries or states that you have been to and tourist attractions that you have visited.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

This fun question is always a good conversation starter. But note that the person would also really love hear from you, after revealing the craziest thing they’ve done.


Love the dress! Where did you get it?

It’s always nice to compliment people and allow the compliment to lead into a question that can spark a discussion about something like shopping.


Do you love your job?

A person’s job takes up the majority of their time. They are definitely going to have plenty to say about it!


How are you today?

Don’t forget the simplest and most important of all questions. Ask them how they are to show that you actually care. And you know how this works? The person throws the question back at you after responding, and a conversation begin.

Next time you’re short of what to say? Just pick one of these, and get your conversation going.


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