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Email Marketing Tweaks To Double Your Revenue

Email is the most powerful marketing channel of the 21st century, and it’s time to start thinking of how to make it work for you.

If you’ve not been getting results from your email marketing, then it’s time to change your approach. The following are some very little tweaks you can make, that will give you a massive boost in revenue:


Create and execute an “abandoned cart” follow up strategy

If you run an eCommerce platform, this is for you. One of the toughest realities you have to face as an online business is that a large number of people will go through your sales process, from their first visit to your website right to the checkout, and then drop off.

 Of course, there are many reasons why people abandon carts, but you can use email to recoup some of these sales. Devise a means of conducting email follow up with cart abandoners and consider integrating one of with your checkout system to make following up easy.


Segment your email list

Here are two of the most common approaches to email marketing:

  • The batch-and-blast approach, in which everybody is lumped into one category and emailed.
  • The segmented approach, in which subscribers are segmented based on interest and other relevant information.

Which of the two approaches do you think is more effective? Well, according to , segmenting emails can boost email conversion rates by up to 208 percent.

You can segment by gender, age bracket, interests, activity on your site, purchase behavior, interaction with your site or a host of other categories. The more personalized and segmented your emails are, though, the better.


Optimize the timing of your emails

Research shows that there is a best time and day to send emails depending on your goals. Here are some quick facts based on :

  • The best time to send an email is between 10 and 11 a.m.
  • The best weekday to send emails for high transactions is Monday, and the best weekend day is Sunday.
  • The best day to send emails for high open rates and click through rates is Tuesday.


Embrace email automation

Most email services let you automate email timing, making it possible to send emails to different people at different times based on their time zone.

They let you split test various elements of emails. They let you configure your emails in such a way that one event triggers another and the experience is different and personalized for each customer depending on what action they take. Familiarize yourself with, and make effective use of, these features.


Use A/B testing to optimise emails

A/B testing is using multiple versions (Version A vs. Version B) of the same email, with tweaks to the subject line or email body. See which one does better. What kind of subject lines do people open more: subjects highlighting sales or new products? Do your customers respond best when you put their first name in the subject, or does this put them off?

You likely won’t be able to A/B test every single email you send out, so think about which emails are most likely to affect your bottom line and test those. Emails for big holiday sales campaigns should also have A/B testing priority, as well as newsletters around the holidays.


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