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How To Finally Achieve Your New Year Goals

Year in, year out, you scream the usual happy new year with family and friends, and resolve within your self to accomplish some set goals before the year runs out. But then, the year always runs out, and those goals never come to fulfillment.

It’s the middle of 2017! What’s up with those goals? Will the year run out like all others, with your set goals still pending?

Here are tips to help you achieve those new year goals:


Start simple

But simple doesn’t mean insignificant or unimpressive. It means focused and concise. Don’t tell yourself, “I’ll learn some tech skills.” Determine to learn HTML and CSS. When your goals are precise and manageable, you’ve already put yourself on a realistic path toward accomplishing them.


Mark it down

Don’t let your goals become daydreams that wither in the mind! Create a paper trail of your goals and your progress along the way. Keep a worksheet or flowchart that shows exactly where you are and where you’re going. A mapped out goal is one you can find your way toward, rather than getting lost in the uncharted territory of second guessing.


Tell somebody

Nothing makes a goal more real and harder to elude than putting it out there in the world. If your friends or family know what you’re up to, you’ll feel motivated to show them your progress, and they’ll feel motivated to support you along the way. Goals don’t do well alone and in a vacuum. Open them up to others so they can thrive!


Keep the end in sight and how you’ll get there

You’ve made your goals in order to reach them, so it seems natural to have one eye on the finish line, visualizing where you’re headed. At the same time, keep in mind where you are now, how far you’ve already come, what you’ve done to get here, and what you need to do in order to keep moving forward. Visualize the process of reaching your goal, not just the happy ending in the distance.


Check how you’re faring

Sometimes when pursuing a goal, you lose yourself in the pursuit. How you’re faring along the way is important. Make a point of checking in with yourself as you go, whether it’s journaling, or reflecting, or talking with friends. Keep tabs on how you’re feeling, what’s working, what isn’t, what you want to stick with and what you might want to change as you move closer to your accomplishment.


We hope you found these tips helpful? Tell us about it in the comments!

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