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How to Finally Start your own PR Agency in Nigeria

Starting out and trying to navigate the arena of public relations in Nigeria is, at the very least, a taken one. Here are the usual points to contemplate: Do you’ve got the means to start and support a  company? How can you design, build, and market your agency? Will you be able to set quick and sustainable plans, using them to achieve goals?

Apparently, there’s a lot to consider, but here are some questions we’d propose mulling over before going out your own.


1. Are you geared up to tackling different roles?

As a PR person considering heading out on your own, you’re likely to be running a day-to-day basis business. From accounting to sales and business development to customer service to, of course, publicity. No, you don’t have to be a superstar in every single arena in business, but you have to be inclined to at least learn the fundamentals for the sake of your achievement.


2. Are you conversant with the workings of the PR industry?

In your corporate life, you had your job and monetary worth outlined. Now, you actually have to share what you can do with what you’re worth.

And this requires a great deal of thought and research. We’d suggest investing in networking and great resources for industry information via books and webinars. Also get detailed information on your competitors. What are they offering, and what does their pricing look like?


3. Do you have the right contacts?

In PR, you’re simply as good as your contacts. But in addition to the media contacts you’ve made over the years, you need many more people in your contact to be successful.

Being new in the industry, you’d need all the right support you can get. Actually reaching out to veterans and newbies like you would prove very helpful to your business.


4. What makes your PR idea different from the heaps of similar ones out there?

You know those publicists who’ve founded outstanding agencies, the ones you’ve admired for years? They’re now your competitors. And they’re just a tiny percentage of the thousands of public relations agencies out there!

So, it’s critical to recognize—before you start—how you will stand out among the competition. What makes your idea distinct—is it your forte? Will you provide different services that enhance the conventional public relations representation? Will you be recognized for your customer service?


5. Can you function as a one-man squad for a while?

One of the splendid things about PR is working on a team: The spontaneous brainstorming sessions, the extra pair of eyes on a newsletter, the getting a final sign-off on your decision by your boss. But when you start your own agency, it’s just you—so be sincere with yourself about how you’ll be able to function as a one-man team.

You will have to learn to take things in their stride, understanding that those daily late dinners are just part of the journey.


Are you an aspiring publicist? Tell us, how do you hope to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of owning a PR agency?

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