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4 Tips To Finding The Right Team For Your Startup

One of the most important criteria for building the right startup team is that the team members fit into your company culture. It is therefore, fundamental to get it right and get it right from the beginning.

Good and high-performing teams are worth their weight in gold and finding the right one for your startup is crucial. They are stepping stones to what the founder envisioned for his/her company and the world. 

Here are some things to consider when looking for the right team for your startup:


1. Start early within your circle

Efficiency in startup growth is dependent upon how quickly you obtain the right employees. It may take a long time to find them, so it’s a good idea to start looking when you don’t have an open spot.

It also always helps to ask your friends, family  or people associated with your work for referrals. If you have a decently good internal network you can ask people who you already know if they’d like to join or if they know of people who are looking for the next new thing. It can’t hurt to get the word out.


2. Network

Every mission-driven founder know that building a stellar network is key in scaling up their business idea. Not just that, it can also lead to getting excellent referrals of upcoming talent for the kind of business you do. You should attend networking events, get to know the influencers in their niche and seek out referrals actively.

Also use your current network –if you had worked in the past, then your former colleagues who were known to go above and beyond the line of duty can be the ones to approach.  Running a successful business means working with people you can trust.


3. Skills and experience

This is probably one of the most thing to consider. This needs to be sorted out even before posting a job ad. Determine the duties and responsibilities of the new hire, then be sure their qualifications match the job role. Doing this will help you shortlist just the right candidates. You want to be sure the people you hire are able to do their job well.

You will need to also look at their experiences. Do they perhaps have experience in different fields? Then, they could do multiple jobs at the beginning until the startup has the money to hire a different person. Perhaps they have experience in startups that could be vital to your startup. 


4. Take the recruiting process seriously

With the current rate of unemployment and numerous job applications, hiring right for the first time will help your startup save a lot of time and effort. Candidly matching candidates’ qualifications/work experience to your requirements, and asking the right interview questions would get you just the right people for your team. 

It is equally important to ensure that the verification of the references taken is done properly. Often, candidates exaggerate experience or responsibilities performed in the last organisation to get selected. It is probably unrealistic to expect to find out all the weaknesses of a candidate, but thoroughly checking candidates out would help avert future problems.

As a startup founder, it is also important not to get caught up in the myth that you’ll find magical team members who will make your business dreams come true. Truth is, you need to prove that you can feed (pay well) your team –you will earn their confidence and productivity this way.


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