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Good News! You’re Not Inefficient, You’re Just In The Wrong Career

Do you ever feel you’re not doing enough and giving in your best at your work place? Do you feel lazy when it comes to carrying our work tasks? In many cases, you might not be inefficient, you just might be in the wrong career.

Here are signs to know when it’s time to say goodbye to that job and pursue a career you’re really passionate about:


1. You focus on “Extras”.

If you’re always looking ahead to a future bonus, a conference, a milestone anniversary, or a sales team trip, it says something. Work perks are not the only reason to hold down a job. While it is important to see your job in the long term, if you’re focusing on the big picture because the actual work drives you insane, that’s an issue.


2. You constantly complain about your job after work.

If you constantly tell friends and family about your dissatisfaction with your job, or your dislike for the job, that points to an overarching career issue.


3. You are not giving your best.

Do you feel like your work doesn’t deserve all of your attention because you dislike the nature of your current career? When getting it done has replaced taking pride in your work, then it’s time to call it quits and move on.


4. You burn out easily because of the work you’re doing.

It’s much easier to burn out doing work you hate than completing tasks you’re excited about. This doesn’t mean you can’t burn out while working at your dream job. But if your exhaustion stems from the fact that your career fails to inspire you, it might be time to figure out what would inspire you and energize you enough to want to complete your work.


5. You don’t feel a greater sense of purpose at your job.

Do you believe in the work you do? Do you believe in the mission of your company? Does your chosen industry’s contribution to the world excite you? Your job doesn’t necessarily have to seem purposeful to your family, your friends, or even to the public. But you must be able to see the long-term purpose in your career path.


6. You spend time thinking about different jobs you could do but aren’t chasing after.

It is never easy when you realize you are on the wrong career path. If you’ve already realized it, and have put yourself through a rigorous test to ensure you aren’t just having a string of bad days, or allowing outside factors to influence your work self, then it’s time to start acting. Don’t let your fear of the unknown keep you from moving forward. Do your job and do it well, but realize that you now also have a part-time job: looking for a new opportunity.


7. You stay at your job because of security, even though it makes you feel stuck.

When the only reason you’re still at your job is because of a good benefits like health insurance or because you want to avoid gaps in your CV, it’s a clear indicator that you are not so attached to the career you’ve found yourself.

If you feel you’re in the wrong career, look at opportunities within your own company that you might be better suited for. If that’s a dead end, or your career change requires a more dramatic shift, start to focus on searching for a new opportunity. Take it seriously. Understand where you want to be, and try to hone in on opportunities that will get you closer to your goal.


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