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This Is How You Identify And Develop Your Child’s Talent

In Nigeria of today, talent is what sells. We’ve gone past the age of spending years schooling, bagging a degree and coming out to hunt for a job. More and more people are using their skills to build successful businesses, and this is why you need to start early to identify and build your child’s skill.

To build healthy self-esteem, all children need to feel that they can do at least one thing very well. Many times, though, a child’s special talent is overlooked because it’s not an area that is recognized at school or elsewhere.

Is the talent to play with dolls and have them carry on conversations with each other less important than mastering multiplication tables earlier than other classmates? No, because that talent has lead many people to become successful writers, actors, and sales people.

Many parents believe that these biggest and most visible talents are more important than small ones, but they are not. Even the smallest talents are big in context for each child and how he or she uses them.

You need to pay close attention to the smallest actions, words, and emotions of your children to discover their natural abilities. When you notice a small talent, ask yourself, “How can my son or daughter use that ability more fully in his or her life? How can I help my son or daughter enjoy and develop that talent? How can my son or daughter use that ability later in life as an adult?”

Here are tips to help you identify and develop your child’s talent:


Be on the look-out

Children don’t usually recognize their own talents, although they’ll pursue them instinctively. If your child shows a particular interest in signing, for instance, it could be a sign that he/she is a musician in the making. Does your kid naturally gravitate toward group activities or solo projects? Does he prefer running around or sitting quietly? Which would he go to first: a drawing pad, a ball, a notepad? Seeing what your child chooses for himself will give you a good idea of where his talents lie.

Look for things that they seem to love and things they are good at, but keep an open mind. Be prepared to accept talents and interests that may not be conventional, then educate yourself on various avenues of exploration.


Provide opportunities

Talents need openings to develop. If no opportunity arises for a skill to flourish, it may remain suppressed throughout a child’s formative years, after which it may be too late to develop it to its full potential. If a kid has a flair for writing, for example, it may not be set free until he/she gets a  gets to a note pad If a child seems to enjoy singing, you can develop the singing talent by making then sing in your church’s choir.

It’s important to provide a range of opportunities for your child so that any hidden talents can emerge and blossom. You can do this by introducing her to different topics, games, skills and activities, and helping him to pursue them.


Nurture identified talents

Praise and encouragement will go a long way to developing your child’s recognized talents. Let them you’re proud of  know you’re  proud of their abilities and show an interest in the subject of their passion whether or not you share it. Look out for opportunities for her to demonstrate her skills to friends and relatives; their support will reinforce yours.

Speak with school owners or class teachers on how they may be able to provide openings for your child’s talents, too. But for serious development, you may need to invest in private tuition and other support such as courses, competitions and equipment.


Be flexible

Be flexible when developing your child’s interests and talents. You never know what  may develop out of it. Just because you don’t enjoy music does not mean that your child won’t enjoy it. Be flexible enough to help your child pursue interests that may not be your own.

Your child is not an extension of you, they have their own interests. Allow your child to be freed to be their own person. Give them the gift of your flexibility that will allow them to soar.


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