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Tips To Improving Your Financial Health

If you are a Nigerian with lots of money at your disposal, this article isn’t for you.

So, you’re probably an ambitious professional with a low-paying job, rent to pay, debts too high for comfort, and big plans with no future, then maybe we can help you.

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, whatever you do, your financial status won’t change much in a day. But the real game changer would be when you streamline some of your bigger budget items.


Create a financial calendar

If you don’t trust yourself to remember to pay for anything, especially little loans you’d promised to pay back once your paycheck arrives, think about setting appointment reminders for these important money to-dos in the same way that you would an annual doctor’s visit or car tune-up.

A good place to start? Pull out a paper and pen, or your device and create a financial calendar. Yes, right now!


Spend less than you make

Allocate a budget for savings. How about you to separate your income into portions and start saving one portion, while spending  the other portions. This way it is going to be easier for you to start saving and not “harming” your lifestyle. 

Basically, don’t buy or pay for items that are beyond your earnings. 


Cut data usage

All those absolutely cute shots on Instagram and YouTube videos have jacked up your monthly data usage way beyond what you needed at this point of your financial life.

Stop telling yourself you’ll only check Instagram on Wi-Fi, because we all know that’s unrealistic. Maybe it’s time you checked how much data you’re paying for. We’re sure you’d find out you’ve been paying for too much data!


Cut your cable

You’ve heard it before, but with the amount of content now available free on the internet plus the wealth of streaming services available—Netflix, HBO Now, and the like—at significantly lower prices, there’s rarely a good reason to cut down on the number of channels you subscribe to.

Look into which channels make the most sense based on what you like to watch and ditch the rest. So if you haven’t ditched some shows yet, you should really, really consider it.


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