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Industry Leaders Reveal How Africa’s Growth Can Be Boosted

During a session on “Leadership in an Era of Disruption,” at the just concluded 2017 World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban, South Africa, panelist present, including Nigeria’s Tony Elumelu provided tips on how growth can be achieved in Africa.

Here are highlights on points raised:

  • Africa’s leaders must address the continent’s multiple challenges, in order to avoid leaving a leadership vacuum that is proving difficult to fill.
  • It is not only up to big businesses to create jobs. Encouraging entrepreneurs is critical because their efforts also have significant multiplier effect.
  • The continent’s new generation of leaders must be empathetic, agile and able to respond to the significant challenges experienced by Africans today, the panelists agreed.
  • There is an urgency of the need to empower new generations of leaders.
  • Millions of people across Africa do not have access to even basic education. This must be addressed to ensure growth, else, the longer this situation continues, the more Africa’s future will be compromised.
  • The growth rates of the past had been about a few people making profits which meant people around the continent have legitimate reasons to protest against their lot. The response of governments should not be to silence them, rather, address their concerns.


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