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Interesting Dominant Tech Trends In 2017

Technology trend awareness encompasses being in tune with popular tech innovations that are readily accepted in the industry and the ability to understand their value in business success. 

Interestingly, these tech trends started in 2016 and  have continued in 2017. But this time, with more advanced options available.

Here are the tech trends that are dominant in 2017.


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

According to , the key trends to look out for in the AI Market Development for 2017 include the following:

  • AI will impact almost every industry
  • Deep learning will be the most important AI technology
  • Virtually all AI implementations will be narrow AI
  • Human perception is a bigger driver for AI than Big Data
  • Professional services is the next big emerging opportunity in AI


2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Primarily, most of the VR practices were in gaming experiences and content consumption. Things are changing. The most energizing encounters are apps that let the user create the content, such as Google’s TiltBrush, Oculus’ Medium, or Quill apps. For AR, we should definitely consider Snapchat’s face filters as a popular type of augmented content creation. VR is no longer limited to the entertainment and gaming industries,it now has applications in the education, healthcare, real estate, and travel industries, among others. 


3. Intelligent Apps

VPAs – virtual personal assistants – are just one example of intelligent apps people use on a small scale and many big names offer VPAs in order to improve communication.These software agents have the same functions as human assistants and make every task easier. We can expect to see an increase in the use of intelligent apps in the near future.


4. Internet of Everything

2016 witnessed the connection of more data, people, processes and things. While the Internet of Things (IoT) really took root in 2016, 2017, so far, has been the year of the Internet of Everything. The connectivity leads to the generation of a significant amount of data, which offers businesses new and valuable insights into customers and products. Big data and predictive analytics, especially when combined with new channels such as VR and chatbots, enables companies to take more informed and actionable decisions and discover new opportunities for growth.


5. The Cloud

2017 is already seeing cloud computing taking on an autonomous role, with workloads and resources being distributed intelligently and automatically. This eliminates the need for Information Technology (IT) departments to think about lower-level decisions and enables them to focus on optimising and developing new business models. Organisations can use economic-based, autonomic intelligence to manage multi-cloud environments in order to drive innovation and increase efficiency.


6. Blockchain

The disruptive potential of blockchain is not restricted to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 2016 witnessed various advances in security management using blockchain, and experts expect to see the fashion and music industries experimenting with blockchain in 2017. Blockchain could eventually become the primary method of digital identity management, could transform how customer reviews function and could lend various institutions a new degree of credibility.


7. Digital Twins

According to , digital twins are virtual portrayals of a physical product. This dynamic programming model depends on sensor information to comprehend the condition of the product, respond to changes, enhance operations, and add value. It is a cloud-based virtual representation of a physical resource that can be used for resource optimization, product design, simulation, monitoring, and enhanced user experience in nearly all industries. These are capable digital objects that can be utilized to streamline the physical world, essentially enhancing operational execution and business processes.


Are you aware of these top tech trends? Tell us about them in the comments!

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