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When In Lagos: Tips For Enjoying Your Stay

Everyone knows how stressful the Lagos can be. Both residents and non-residents alike, always have comments to pass about the city. From the traffic, the population, the ever-busy roads, the lousy conductors and bus drivers who don’t do not are about all other vehicles on the road.

For first-timers, it can be really difficult adjusting to the Lagos lifestyle. But once you get used to it, you’ll realise the city is really fun, even with its accompanying stress.

We’re here to show you how to live the Lagos life and enjoy your stay.


Focus on the things you can control

As you go about your daily life on the streets of Lagos, you’ll definitely come across so many things and people that would annoy you. Lagos houses loads and loads of things and people that can piss you off. But there are also so many wonderful things to see, so many people to love and so much more to experience.

Focus on those. For example: Yes, some roads are terrible, but I mean, where else can you sit in your car and simultaneously shop for all your needs? – Plantain Chips, Gala, Fire extinguishers, New Literature… Even fried meat?!


Don’t let the traffic get you down

Okay, there’s traffic. And there’s Lagos traffic.

The kind of traffic that has your car sitting in the same spot for 5 hours just because it rained for 10 minutes. Traffic can really be an enemy of progress, but there are ways to make it not so bad.

If you can, simply avoid being on the road every day except Sunday, and early Saturday before the Owambe begins. Not possible, right? Then, you must learn to study rush hours if you must go to work or school. You can’t just leave your house at anytime you wish, especially if your event is for a fixed time and you must go by public transport.


Know your alternate routes

If you must study the maps then do, if you must get the direction app, that might help too. Somehow you just need to know how the roads link, it is not hard to find yourself on the wrong side of a one way drive.

You can’t totally rely on directions from people so, going out more and exploring this city called Lagos would help you beat traffic and if you ever have to escape for any reason, your knowledge of the routes will be instrumental.


Eat well

Because of the very busy nature of Lagos, you might not have the chance to have a proper meal all the time. But the city is stressful, and you really can’t afford not to stay energised. So, the key rule is eat and walk. Even at your lunch break, you might have to finish the meat on your way back to the office

Eating on a bus is very common, with traffic sometimes, you might not make it to a warm dinner. But to save yourself the ulcer you must have to eat on the go.


Take a break

Life in Lagos can just be overwhelming. Take regular breaks, and a go-to place that’s away from people.

From beaches to lounges, restaurants and lounges, there are tons and tons of hangout spots at every corner of Lagos. Just find one that’s close to you, a chill spot away from all the madness and reflect.


What do you do to ensure your stay in Lagos is enjoyable?

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