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How To Make Scouring Powder

The business is one of the easiest and cheapest any would-be entrepreneur can venture into without breaking the bank. The ingredients needed to produce it are also readily available. In terms of turn over, the profit margin is equally very high –a real business with high turn over on investment.

There are different ways to make it, but you can start production right in your home. This will help you save cost on facility.

You can start on a small, medium or large scale. Whatever you decide on, depending on available capital, there is huge profit awaiting you.

In this  by Uche Atuma for Sun News, here are quick guides into the business:



It is important that before one ventures into a business, it should be established that there is a market for the business idea. You wouldn’t want to waste time, energy and money to produce something no one needs, would you?

Since scouring powder is a household product that is needed almost daily, then we can agree that the demand for it is high. Places like hotels, homes, eateries and even offices are in need of this product.



Fortunately, you don’t need so much to start the production of scouring powder. The business can be started with as low as N50,000 only. As explained earlier, you can double whatever amount you put into the business at every production. The return on investment is quite high and this can easily grow the investment exponentially within a short time of commencement of the business.



It is also important to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other regulatory bodies in the country to ensure smooth operation of the business when it eventually takes off.


Raw materials

For the first production process, here is a list of the necessary materials needed for the production of scouring powder: Calcium carbonate –1kg; sodium laurie sulphate i.e SLS (powdered) – 3 teaspoons; caustic soda – 1 teaspoon; soda ash (light) – 1/2 kg; perfume (optional).

It should be noted that the above is just the measurement for I kg of scouring powder, so if you are producing in large quantities, then you will need to add according to your capacity.


Production process

•For 1kg of calcium carbonate, add 3 teaspoons of powdered SLS and steer very well.

•Then add 1 teaspoon of caustic soda into the mixture and mix together.

•Add ½ kg light soda ash into the content and stir well.

•Add perfume (if desired) and turn very well.

It is important that you stir well and ensure that the materials mix well before packaging. Perfume is optional, so it does not matter if you add it or not. But it can make your product stand out; it is considered as part of branding and marketing strategy.

The process for the non-toxic production is equally easy but what is the advantage of one over the other? It is cheap, it is easy to produce, it is non-toxic and its ingredients are readily available.


Raw materials needed

Egg shells, salt, powdered detergent, mortar and pestle or blender, and a big bowl. Before you start production, it is important to know the ratio at which these ingredients are combined for the best result. Irrespective of the measuring tool you are using, the ingredients have to follow these ratios: Egg shells (1), salt (1/2), detergent (3). These ratios mean that if you are using one milk tin cup of egg shells, you will be using 1/2 milk tin cup of salt and 3 milk tin cups of detergent.


Production steps

•Get egg shells and dry them in the sun

•Ground the egg shells into powder with either the mortar and pestle or blender.

•Get a big bowl to contain all these ingredients.

•Mix the salt with the powdered egg shell plus any detergent of your choice.

Wondering how you can get enough egg shells for your production? This may look a bit difficult but you can approach any food seller, eateries, hotels and even the local  mallams making noodles and eggs and bargain with them. Some of these people can even give you for free because it’s just helping them dispose their refuse, which is number one raw material for your product.


Packaging, branding and marketing

After production, the next stage is packaging and you just need to get it right and make it attractive to beat the existing producers at their game. For marketing, start with your immediate connections, family and friends, neighbours, supermarkets, eateries, hotels, among others. You can get some sales representatives and do some road shows to create awareness, radio, television and local newspapers. It is the age of technology, so make use of Facebook, Instagram and others to market your scouring powder.


Easy, right? Share your thoughts!

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