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It’s Time to Make ‘After Work’ Crisis Wait –Here’s How

You likely have a clear sense from the first day at your new job what tasks are designated urgent and how deadlines should be handled.

You’re a pro at managing your to-do list, and you know what you can leave for the next day, week, or month and what absolutely must be completed before you leave the office for the busy Nigerian traffic. You also know the email protocol: You don’t need to check your inbox over the weekend.

The only thing you’re not sure about is what happens if there’s a work emergency after work hours or over the weekend?

Let’s help you here:


1. Define an ideal work emergency

Knowing what an ideal work emergency is after work hours will help you avoid the last-minute question of “What do I do?

And yes, a lot of this is common sense, and in reality, can be hard to achieve. Hence, the importance of knowing the plan in advance and playing by the structure your boss or organisation has set up. If you do that, it’s unlikely you’ll run into anything that leaves you flustered, no matter the crisis.


2. Use your best judgement

If for some reasons, it’s not totally clear what your company expects from you during an after work crisis, use your best judgment.

Here’s a good way to start:

  1. Is there sales/revenue/profit at stake?
  2. Would a postponed solution make the company look bad?
  3. Is this problem going to get worse if I wait till morning?

If you answered yes to any of those, then reach out to your colleague or boss or whoever should be on board to getting a solution.


3. Decide on the best solution

An email to your boss or colleague with a subject line that includes the word, “Urgent,” “Emergency,” or “Important” should get anyone’s attention. Though email isn’t the only way to go, but depending on your relationship with the parties you need to involve to handle the situation, you may also send texts or chats on a group app.


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