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How To Make Your Travel Goal Finally Happen

You probably have a bucket list–a list of life goals that you want to achieve; or, at the very least, you’re thinking of making one. Part of your  bucket lists will almost certainly contain a lot of travel goals.

You probably have heard of several beautiful cities in Nigeria, their amazing cultures and traditions, so you want to take a little time away to see what obtains outside the city you’ve gotten used to. Or your imagination travels wild, each time you think about what it’ll be like staying outside Nigeria. Now, you want to stop imagining and really travel.

If this is the case for you, we’re here to show you how to make that travel goal finally happen.


1. Make lists

List are great, and when they become part of you, you’ll agree they are. Set yourself obtainable travel goals and make a list of places you could realistically visit this year, plus a few extra desirables.

Then, when the moment is right and you are ready to take the travel plunge, treat yourself with a visit to one of the destinations. It’s not rocket science, but writing these goals down will give you the encouragement you need to achieve them.


2. Stop dreaming, start planning

Sometimes the problem isn’t finding time to travel, but rather finding time to plan to travel. We can get so caught up in our daily lives that it seems impossible to just sit down and get the little things done. Instead of dreaming, begin to plan.

Visit your schedule or create one if you don’t have. Fix traveling into it. Make travel among your list of priorities, and after all important tasks have been checked, then go on that trip!


3. Pick destinations within your budget

Are you postponing traveling because of money? The planning always gets easier once you know what destinations you can or cannot afford.

For some destinations, the fare is the most expensive part, and others, like the local lifestyle, is way cheaper. It’s always good to think about the balance of your budget, so focus on places where the currency exchange leaves you at a considerable advantage or where local lifestyle is much cheaper than back home.


4. Get a travel buddy with similar interest

The right travel buddy can make or break a vacation, so it’s good to spend time finding the right one. That might mean that your best travel companion isn’t always your childhood friend or significant other, but perhaps a new friend, a colleague, or that cousin you haven’t seen in a while but with whom you’d love to reconnect. In sum, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Also, don’t be afraid to hop on the next plane alone. If you can’t find a travel buddy, don’t let it stop you. The challenge can be extremely rewarding, and you might even make a couple of new friends along the way.


Do you have travel goals? What steps are you taking to make it happen?

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