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Keeping Your Cool: 3 Rituals to Help You Manage Chaos in Business

Your office rent is due before your business even breaks even. You offended an important client. Your bank loan application has just been cut—significantly.

How are you going to handle these news?

Crises happen in business, and while you can minimize the chances of disaster striking, you can’t prevent it altogether.

Money, human error, and many other factors can mean that as you resume for a standard workday, you’re suddenly handed bad news. And while you know what you shouldn’t do (curse, blame, impulsively sack employees), figuring out what you should do isn’t always intuitive.

Read on for a roadmap to reacting to chaos in business without freaking out.


1. Be focused on solutions

This is one time to avoid the temptation to sulk and dwell on the fact that you hadn’t anticipated dealing with this sort of crisis.

Instead, take a deep breath and ask, what’s the best-case scenario? So your potential client cancelled another appointment? You hear your best staff just resigned? Oh, the business isn’t raking in as much money as you thought?

You could decide to feel down and frustrated, but pausing and identifying the right solution will prove more effective.


2. Have a plan

Now, it’s time to strategize and come up with a short or long-term plan.

Say you need new clients, you’re going to work out ways to get as many people as possible reaching out for your product or service as soon as possible. And if the person who was running the marketing or promotions process just decided to quit, you’ll want to immediately find a temporary replacement—and then take some time to figure out how to get a more competent hand.

Focusing your energy on solutions instead of “Why—did this happen?” is key.


3. Vent in your privacy

Once you’ve come up with a plan, talking about the challenges with employees or clients may discourage staff and may even lead to loss of clients. Why complain? After all, you’re already working up solutions.

Now, whether you choose to sweat it out, or call a mentor, it’s important to focus on solutions and not sabotage your business by creating an impression that you’re down and out.

In an ideal world, everything would go according to plan. But we all know it doesn’t. As a business person, how else have you handled chaos? We’d want to learn too!


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