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Is An MBA Really Worth It?

The answer to this question in Nigeria, of course, is much more complicated than you’d think. Yes, an MBA is an amazing opportunity to learn, focus on professional development, meet great people, and potentially switch into a new career path. But for many Nigerians, it is about getting into a big-name program and landing the perfect position at a dream company afterward.

However, if you’re in a field like marketing, finance, business, or sales, you probably need an MBA. Sure, an MBA may possibly fast-track your career and get you your dream company job, but it’s also not for everyone.

There are plenty of reasons to have an MBA. But here’s how to make sure yours are for the right reasons.


1. To fast-track your career

An MBA is never a substitute for experience. But if the positions you aspire to in the next 5 to 10 years require specifically an MBA, then that’s what you need to fast-track your desired career path.

Further, if the ROI on the cost of your post-MBA education is positive, then an MBA can substantially increase your title and pay. Evidently, this might be a good move.


2. To build experience outside your expertise

The broad curriculum of an MBA allows you to gain experience and hone your skills and business acumen outside of your comfort zone. By working on projects and subjects that you wouldn’t be exposed to in your daily job responsibilities, you can gain more experience much more quickly.

After graduation, you are able to leverage your well-rounded MBA education, experience, and skill set to get a management position .


3. To learn the basics

The MBA academic environment allows you consider how to make business decisions from an executive perspective. You get to learn how to solve problems from all angles, without distractions  from the real world by thinking about the big picture.

Having the opportunity to fail, receive feedback from lecturers will help to improve your future performance. The array of tried and successful strategies will improve your ability to do well outside the classroom.


4. To build your network

With networking opportunities available, you are often much more open to discussing opportunities, strategies and helping fellow students than you would with your colleagues.

Beyond improving your professional network, you’ll have access to professors, alumni, and successful people in your industry. The networking opportunities in MBA programs will proof to be of huge benefit to your career long after.


Are you pursuing your MBA program based on your aspirations or because it’s what everyone else is doing? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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