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Nigeria’s Tech Experts to Discuss 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industry Revolution: What Can You Expect?

Nigeria, the most populous nation of the African subcontinent has decided to be an active participant in the discussion of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Nigerians today love to do different things, from playing sports to online casinos.

In fact, with the advent of digital technology and artificial intelligence with rapid sophistication, nations like Nigeria that have an ongoing political turmoil in their young and evolving democracy have not had the upper hand. This time around, however, the tech experts are putting in all the efforts to build a nation that boasts of an admiration from other nations.

If you are worried as to whether the Nigerian economy would miss out on the next industrial revolution, do not worry.

The fourth industrial revolution is described as the “cyber-physical” systems that aim to innovate new capabilities and restructure the lost components of the first industrial revolution.

The primary examples of new ways in which technology gets embedded into communities are genome editing, machine intelligence, cryptographic methods such as block-chain. Nigeria needs rapid innovations at a time when border-less learning is challenging bricks and mortar schools. Additionally, there is the need to learn big data for Nigerians to take the lead.

For all that to happen though, the educational curriculum needs to go through a dynamic shift in paradigm. The internet without any walls or barriers is the biggest teacher. Nigeria needs innovations to prepare its children for them to compete with all the students all over the world. We all need innovation because the world is ever shrinking. The global boundaries are being continuously broken.


ISPON: Trying to Make a Difference

We have the top tech professionals teaming up under ISPON (Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria). They will be meeting in Lagos at the annual ISPON President’s Dinner to determine the major opportunities to explore before .

The initiative of Ispon has been commendable in bringing the heads of ICT industry together to cohabit ideas on the latest technology and developments with Nigeria in view. The outcome would be Nigeria gaining a place among the leading software giants.


Whom Can You Find?

ISPON has some of the brightest minds associated with it. You have the likes of Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, James Emadoye, Barrister Adebayo Shittu and Mr. Olukayode Pitan, right on the attendant list, which exceeds expectations from the outcomes from this meeting. With positions ranging from CEO to Managing Director and more, they have the experience needed to take the Nigerian economy ahead.

Major NGOs from community development wing have praised and lauded the development. This comes as one of the major upliftment both nationwide as well as outreach wise and serves as an example to several third world countries.

The industrial revolution might just be Nigeria’s chance to break ahead of the competition and establish itself as a prominent economy in the world. And with such members trying to make it happen, we sure wouldn’t be surprised!

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