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This Is How You Show Your New Boss You’re Going To Be Awesome

Due to acute unemployment in Nigeria, those who are fortunate to get jobs can easily have their eyes on the money and forget why they got the job in the first place.

No one expects you to know everything on your first day or month on the job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t impress your new boss even while you’re still figuring things out.

Here’s how to show you’re indeed the right choice for the job:


Build momentum early

Consider ways you can get an early win by building momentum right away. Try to identify an immediate problem and make contributions that bring about a solution. By doing this, you generate a positive perception and establish yourself within the company.


Be Curious

As a new employee, understand the job and and expectation of the position assigned to you. Identify and project all of the areas that need to be taken care of.  Be curious, thoughtful, and open.


Learn the game

It’s common knowledge – before you try to change the game, you must first learn how to play it. Rather than worrying about socializing or making an impression, focus on learning how the organization and the people within it operate. First learn, then do, then teach.


Prioritize work

New hires are usually expected to organize and prioritize their work responsibilities. This is important because it gives them direction on how to handle the deadlines and importance of each task. It can be overwhelming at first, but creating a to-do list can help you focus and accomplish more.


Show enthusiasm

One way to ensure a bad start is to show a lack of energy on your first day. Show your boss you want to be there. Give him/her no doubt from the start that you are committed to the organisation and your role.


What other ways can you impress your new boss? Let’s talk about them in the comments.

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