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3 Signs Your Phone Runs Your Life

Is your phone next to you during meals? Do you check it almost every 10 seconds? Do you panic when it runs out of battery, or when you make the mistake (which rarely happens) of forgetting it a home or some place you’ve been?

If you said yes to all these, there’s a good chance you’re addicted to your phone. Worse, you’re letting it run your life. Think about those times when you arrive late to an appointment because your phone just had to charge.

Now, it’ll be easy to quickly claim that you’re just really busy, and you need it on you at all time. But that not an excuse. If you can relate to any of these 3 signs, then it means your phone runs your life.


1. You sleep with it

Of course, you need an alarm clock to wake you early every morning. But is that really the reason you phone is by your side every night? Or, do you have it there to have a peek on whats taking place on social media when you’re trying to fall asleep.

When you have the habit of scrolling through your phone just before you go to bed and leaving it by your side through the night, it means you automatically always reach for your phone before you even open your eyes in the morning. To fix this, try to get an alarm clock and let your phone stay away from you while you sleep.


2. You have it in your hand at all times

If you’re that person who takes their phone with them everywhere they go — yes, people see you carrying it all the time. You find it difficult to leave it for fear of missing that next notification. So, it goes every where with you, from the bathroom, to the boardroom — then you should begin to think of how to to let it go.

Find interesting tasks to keep you busy. Those kind of activities that you know can replace your phone anytime. Of course, you have them. It could be moments with your best friends, when you spend time talking for long, it could be a hobby, or anything else. Whatever it is, begin to do more of that. It’ll help you take off thoughts about your phone.


3. You’re constantly charging it

You claim to be checking just your emails and texts,but before noon your battery is flat, and you’re running around to find the next available socket to charge. Constantly being out of battery is a sure sign that you’re on that phone way too much.

If you find yourself always coming up short on power, don’t be in a hurry to charge. Take that time to engage yourself in other activities that’ll take your mind completely off your phone.


Have you noticed any of these signs yourself? We’d like to hear all about it!

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