Alternatively, if you can pick a good website theme and customize it, you can still make a killing by just tweaking themes for clients.WordPress is probably your best bet if you want to pick an existing theme and customize it for business or professional use. They have a lot of robust features but remain user friendly.


12. Cold Calling

This one is pretty straight-forward. You could easily be a cold caller for a business that’s trying to generate leads and sales if you’ve got the marketing skills (and stomach) for it. Many people are afraid of cold outreach, especially when it comes to picking up the phone and dialing a prospect, which is a benefit to you if you’re a people person.

You can charge a fee based on commission, or just a flat fee to be doing the work. Whichever you prefer and however you prefer to work. Commission is likely the easier sell-through, because it’s a pay-for-performance type of model.

As you can see, there are ways to turn basically any marketing experience into a side business with the right combination of creativity and hustle. The overall theme here is to not feel like what you’re doing in your full-time role isn’t beneficial.

There is somebody out there who needs your marketing chops. Decide on a niche that you want to focus on, get really good at it, build a small portfolio, and do great work to get referrals.