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The 3 Types Of People You Need On Your Team

Who doesn’t love to work with great people who will make teamwork work? Whether you’re looking to hire a new team for a department in your company or you’re working on a personal project and you need a small team of amazing people, the people you hire will determine the success of whatever you’re working on. So, you have to actively create the type of team you need. One that will not only contribute to success of your projects, but you’ll also enjoy working with.

For whatever project you’re working on, here’s a list of 3 kinds of people that you must get in order to ensure success.


1. The Innovator

The Innovator is dedicated to finding new ways to do the same old things. He or she is not convinced that the tried-and-true way is always the best way. They bring a fresh way of doing things to every project. Although not everything they introduce will be accepted or practical, the Innovator’s dedication to newness is what can set you apart from your competition.


2. The Communicator

This team member has an unusually strong talent for communicating, not only with the team, but also with the client. Naturally friendly and warm, the communicator is approachable and responsive. The Communicator wants to get everyone on the same page, and initiates it with open and transparent dialogue. He/she helps to keep the team on track by facilitating the transfer of ideas and messages.


3. The Motivator

It’s almost impossible not to face challenges while working on a project. In order to remain resilient, there should be someone on your team that is always optimistic. Motivators spread positivity across a team, keeping everyone, including yourself, excited about the future of the project.


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