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5 Things To Double-Check Before You Submit That CV

If you’re not an entrepreneur or you are not thinking of starting your business anytime soon, then you’ll definitely fall into the category of those who are out in search of a good job with not just a high-pay, but also one that would give you a great work-life balance.

If you’ve been struggling to succeed at this, then it’s time to take a look at your CV and give it a complete makeover. There are things that are probably missing, and some others that need to be taken out.

Here are 5 things you should double-check on your CV before applying for that next vacant position:


1. Is it error-free?

Before sending out that CV, proof-read over and over again. There just might be one error that keeps holding you back. You should also get someone else to help proofread your CV. You might not see it all, and no matter how great you are at proofreading, let’s be honest—some things just tend to slip through the cracks.


2. Is it Brief?

Ideally, your CV shouldn’t be more than 2-3 pages. This would ensure you don’t cramp in too many information that are also irrelevant. Check to ensure that anything irrelevant or not directly related to your targeted goal is minimized, put towards the end or taken off altogether, so your resume includes more relevant information.


3. Is it Tailored to the Job Description?

As a job seeker, you’ll be tempted to just throw in your CV, and apply to whatever job opening you find, not minding if you fit into the job description. You’ve finally found a job that you’re interested in applying for—great! At this point, the next step is to sit down and carefully read through the job description.  A CV customized for a specific job opportunity is the best way to land an interview. If you are serious about landing your dream job, find a way to highlight those skills on your resume to show why would be a perfect fit for the job.


4. Are there inconsistencies?

Do all your dates add up, are they accurate? Are your fonts consistent? This might look irrelevant? But recruiters notice the tiniest details on your CV. Ensure this is not what’s holding you back from landing that dream job. Use one font throughout the whole CV or use one for the body of your writing and another for heading. Many employers will perform a formal background check during the hiring process, which will confirm degrees and other credentials. Cross-check the dates thoroughly. Inconsistency in dates may be a red flag of a deeper issue, such as a lack of a degree or lack of a credential.


5. Is your Email Address Appropriate?

You’ve probably never heard, but there are professional and unprofessional email addresses. Many recruiters would not take you serious if you have an email that looks like – ‘bigboy4real@gmail.com’. Even though it’s the account you might use all the time, you could set up a new one with your real name, and redirect it to your other email address, so you don’t miss it.

What elements are contained in your CV? Tell us in the comment box, let’s know if they are appropriate for your job search.

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