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The Top Sites Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

There is no such thing as overnight success in entrepreneurship. It will be a long road ahead. You will work harder and longer than you ever imagined. But your time may be better spent using tools that would make your job faster and easier.

Whether it’s in sales, development, HR or anything else, business owners can have all the tools needed to get their businesses running smoothly.

With these sites, you would achieve a whole lot more as an entrepreneur now than in the 70s. This is the era of the self industry. 


Crunchbase is an incredible resource for founders and investors alike. If you have an idea and would like to research the history of interest in the space, they (Crunchbase) have an excellent database of funding events. It’s an incredible platform for investors to identify interesting startups.


If you haven’t heard of it before. This is one site you’ll need on your entrepreneurship journey.


The front page of the internet (There are superb niches/subniches that helps maintain that freshness.


This is the premium matchmaking service for hiring Virtual Assistants. UpWork and Freelancer are great, but the team at Virtual Staff Finder does all of the work for you. Just let their team know what type of role you need filled, and they’ll do all of the vetting and backgrounds checks so that you are delivered three highly qualified candidates to choose from.


The gold standard for tracking everything that happens on your website.


Complete set of tools made to increase your conversions, rolled into the only email collection app you’ll ever need.


A tool that automatically sends emails and SMS texts to people.


This is the best way to save all of your notes from meetings, research, or anything else you find yourself documenting on a daily basis.


A tool that sends cold emails on your behalf (and let’s you see some crazy stats).


The BEST tool available to schedule your social media posts to go out when your audience is online and engaged.


If you run a small or mid-sized business, you probably don’t have an engineering team to build custom reports at a moment’s notice. Coding is for Losers is a great way to utilize Google Sheets for automating custom marketing or sales reporting.


A tool to monitor where you’re mentioned online and find influencers to mention you.


A tool to easily create graphics for blogs, social media, ads, infographics and more.


This is a great place to get on demand business coaching. You can pay by the minute. Get advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world for just a few hundred bucks if you need an answer to a quick question.


A tool to engage and learn from your customers.


A site to read, write and share stories that matter.


Save several hours each week exchanging emails back and forth trying to schedule a time to chat or meet up. Just send people your scheduling link!


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