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These Travel Hacks Will Save You a Lot of Money

Traveling is one of the most interesting activity to engage in, and quite a lot of people have in their bucket-list, a goal to travel to a particular country/city. At the same time, it’s one activity that is likely to eat deep into your pocket if not planned well.

From saving up to travel, to saving while on a trip, every single phase of traveling requires money. We’ve compiled a few hacks that would help you save a lot of money on travel.


1. Book hotels early

Get the best deals, amenities and locations. If you think staying in a hotel that’s 5 miles outside of town is saving you money, you many be wrong. How much will you pay to go and out of the city? How much time are you wasting as well?These are things you have to think about. So plan early and book early so you can get the best of both location and price.


2. Use the supermarkets

Don’t eat out all of the time. Shopping at markets or supermarkets can really save your budget. A meal from a restaurant would cost twice more than a meal from the supermarket. Add that up over a few weeks/months of traveling and you can save some serious money. Also, you get to see the locals and how they eat and shop. It is a great cultural experience.


3. Use public transportation

Avoid taking taxis when possible. A number of cities home and abroad are great with safe, efficient and cheap public transport. You should use it when ever you can and save your self some money.


4. Be selective when sightseeing

Don’t pay and go into every attraction in each city you visit. Its a good idea to mark the places you really have to visit and the places you want to visit and see them. Going to every site and every museum can really put a strain on the wallet. So, choose wisely.


5. Stay with friends

Connect with old friends and save rent/hotel money. You not only save money, but they are from there, they know the country/region/town and can be your best tour guides and suggestion givers, and save you a few bucks on accommodation fee along the way. But make sure before you leave, you buy them a gift or get them dinner to say thank you.


6. Travel during off season

High season is much more expensive in most cities. September – November and January – March will save you a lot of money compared to traveling in July or at Christmas.


7. Book transport early & reserve seats

Booking early many times usually equals a discount. When you wait till a lot of people decide to book, you’ll be paying more compared to what you would have if you were among the early birds.


8. Book hotels with free breakfast & Wifi

Do your research of hotels ahead of time and look at what they offer. Not all breakfasts are free nor are all wifis so make sure you check as that can add up a lot to your daily hotel charge.


Are you planning on travelling? Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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