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Here’s How To Trick Your Brain Into Spending Less

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to spend less money; you’d instead you’d march to your bank and withdraw just any you want. But this isn’t an ideal world—and most of us have to watch what we spend.

We’re not saying you should stop spending altogether—that’s impossible—but these five super helpful ideas can help trick your brain to spending smarter. So instead of waving goodbye to that hard-earned cash, utilize every kobo and get the most out of your paycheck, starting today.


1. Save. Save. Save

Saving money doesn’t have to mean hiring a financial consultant or cutting your flexible spending budget. Whether you’re saving up for a big item or just trying to pay your monthly bills , money-pinching doesn’t have to be an arduous experience.

Saving money is all about looking closely into your living habits and finding ways to simplify your life.


2. Start small

If you’re overwhelmed by choices, it’s easy to do nothing. “Instead of trying to save a little bit on everything, focus on your two biggest discretionary expenses, like eating out and shopping. Over the following months, you’d be able to cut expenses down drastically.

Secondly, this may seem childish, but storing your change away can really add up too.


3. Think things through

First, always give serious thought to your purchase. Pressured? Rushed? You’ll spend more recklessly. Make a few changes to your usual spending routine, and start having more money in a painless way.

You don’t go out shopping just for the sake of going shopping. Reduce, reuse, recycle! After all, less consumption not only saves money but is also better for the environment. If you don’t need the lights on, keep them turned off, or buy a LED based bulb that consumes 4 Watts. In time the savings will amount to much more.


4. Examine your finances regularly

Is your budget fine the way it is? The so-called status quo bias means you’ll keep paying what you’re paying – credit cards, pay TV bills – unless you have a compelling reason to.

Be precise in your spending. E.g. if you look at food spending, see how much you spend on meat, on vegetables, dessert etc. This way, it’s easier is to create pie charts automatically and see what could be trimmed from your consumption. 


5. Ditch the Joneses

The truth: Frugal can still be fun. There are more ways to fulfillment than a shopping binge or dinner out with the happening guys in town. Prices can vary considerably between stores. A little research can save you a lot.

If most you aren’t as financially successful as them, then it makes sense to do what they do.  Just because everyone else is getting a new car every five years doesn’t mean you should.


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